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HSL 2014 Live Finals

SoCal eSports is proud to partner with Highschool Star League for their 2014 Live Finals at the Grand Del Mar Hotel! They do great things for the local SoCal and NA amateur HS scene!

The event (June 25 and June 26) is completely FREE to attend. Our finals contains the exciting final matches featuring our top 4 StarCraft II and League of Legends team from the HSL Fall and Spring splits!

There will be plenty of giveaways from Riot Games, J!NX, Lootcrate, Twitch, and more. We will also host a panel from Riot Games to answer your questions about the development of League of Legends and how to get involved in the industry!

Stay on the lookout for some cool personalities that will be hanging around during the event! Meet with EG Xenocider and Curse Xpecial, and watch Curse Academy’s Bunnyfufu, Mancloud, and Keane on the analyst desk!

If you cannot make it, you can still join us over at

More information can be found on the Facebook event: